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Why Less Means More for Mnml Golf

Sam Goulden has taken a circuitous route to becoming founder and CEO of Mnml Golf, which is rethinking the functionality of golf bags.

Sam Goulden, renaissance dude, has about 20 used golf bags propped up against a wall in his office and he couldn’t be happier. Goulden is not necessarily in the used bag business but he’s hoping they come flooding into his studio in Redondo Beach, Calif., and if they do, it means business is good and he’s giving back, at the same time.

Goulden is the founder and CEO of Mnml Golf and has developed a golf bag that he believes not only eliminates unnecessary pockets, zippers and dividers on bags but adds features that will make modern golfers both surprised and wondering why someone hadn’t thought of this before now.

And one of those ideas is the Trade It Forward program. The purchase of a Mnml bag comes with a $50 discount if you send back a gently used bag in the same box in which your new bag came, with a prepaid shipping label provided by Mnml. Since the program began, Goulden says, about 80 bags have gone to deserving junior golfers in the Los Angeles area in just six weeks. One customer brought Goulden a new set of irons he won in a raffle and didn’t want.

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